Meeting Minutes - sh - Posix Shell Session - Day 2 - July 07, 2020

After the lessons from yesterday, we were able to make sure no random messages in #ilugc channel during the session. Also, we encouraged participants to use Hexchat or Pidgin as personal irc clients apart from using freenode webchat. We also Shrini provided free shell account to users to remote access to one of his temporary aws server for practice. Here are the topics we covered in todays sessions. what are manual pages, how to use man command to read them importance of manual pages what re manual section numbers like (1), (2) etc.

Meeting Minutes - sh - Posix Shell Session - Day 1 - July 06, 2020

Starting of the meet was a perfect storm. After much struggle we were able to bring back control to #ilugc irc channel and was able to start the presentation through presenter terminal in Here are the topics we covered in this session importance of pwd command, current working directory overview of unix filesystem, directories files the / directory home directory ls command, -l option to ls command everything in unix is a file philosophy cd command three types of commands, regular, built-in, aliases with example importance of PATH variable which command stat command where unix commands are saved and how shell uses PATH variable to find the full path to the executable file of a particular command Q & A IRC Logs

Tamil Open Source Conference Online - July 4-5 2020

In this weekend, we have a online conference in Tamil on Open Source. See the schedule and more details here It is on live at

sh - Posix Shell - 5 Day Session - July 6, 2020 to July 10, 2020 (Through

Date(s): From July 06, 2020 to July 10, 2020 Time: Evening 5.00 PM Duration: 1 Hour Place: Let’s get into the basics of Posix ‘sh’ Shell. Here are the Topics we will be covering Day 1: (July 06, 2020) Basic commands (like ls, cd, find, rm, cat etc.,) How shell works when we execute a command Where commands are stored Importance of PATH variable Difference between regular commands, built-in commands, aliases Day 2: (July 07, 2020) How to read manual page Compound commands, redirection, pipes and background execution Subshell execution Day 3: (July 08, 2020) Variables, Environment Variables, control structures and loops Functions Variable Expansion, Parameter Expansion, Arithmetic Expansion and Command Substitution Positional Parameters, Special Parameters and Special Variables Day 4: (July 09, 2020) Shell Patterns and find command Basic Regular Expression, grep, sed and awk commands Shell Built-in Commands.

Call for Speakers - ILUGC Meet - July 2020 - Lets meet on IRC (#ilugc in

We will be organizing this month’s meet through ILUGC’s Official IRC channel (#ilugc in If Visual Presentation required, we will use (Link will be provided in #ilugc irc channel at the time of meet by the speaker who is willing to show visual content) Please register your Nick in Freenode and Join the Meet at 3.00 PM on Saturday July 11, 2020. Following link can get you started with IRC

[Job] [OSM-talk] Seeking a Senior Technical Lead for HOT_Tech

Hi All, Sharing the first opportunity of a few on the horizon for the HOT tech team. Looking for an ‘Audacious’ Senior Technical Lead to guide, support and mentor a wonderful team of digital humanitarians. Some key traits include: Demonstrated commitment to open source projects and communities Diverse Engineer/Dev experience Respected as leader and mentor OpenStreetMap technical experience would give you an edge. Full listing is here > Senior Technical lead: https://www.

Online workshop on writing wikidata queries - June 21 2020 - 9 AM IST

Hello all, This is a reminder that the “Writing Wikidata queries” workshop is coming up! It will take place this Sunday, June 21st at 9 am IST on the Zoom platform: More details of the workshop are here: Remember to bring a computer with you as hands-on activities will be a part of this workshop. We look forward to your participation! :) Cheers, SWT Indic Workshop Series Team

Talk Minutes - Ed - The Text Editor - June 16, 2020

Following are the important points discussed today about ‘ed’ history about ed how to invoke ed why ‘ed’ is a line editor details about command mode details about input mode line numbers in ed how to add content to ‘ed’ current buffer how to display whole buffer print specific line or lines using line addresses deleting and changing lines saving current buffer to filesystem opening files in ed using regular expression instead of line address in ed forward searching reverse searching global searching intro to Basic Regular Expressions (BRE) Links shared in the talk ‘ed’ FreeBSD Man Page https://man7.

Talk: Ed - The Text Editor - June 16, 2020 - 16:00 IST - (through

As this talk was postponed due to lack of time in the last ILUGC monthly meet. ILUGC will be conducting this talk again. Topic: Ed - The Text Editor Description: One of the legendary text editors which is still available in every Unix like Operating System. In this talk we will go through how to do simple text editing with ‘ed’ text editor. Duration: 30 minutes Speaker: Mohan R About Speaker: Just another FOSS Enthusiast.

Announcement: Emacs APAC virtual meetup, Saturday, June 27, 2020 (#emacs on Freenode and Jitsi)

Announcing call for speakers for Emacs APAC (Asia Pacific) virtual meetup on #emacs ( and Jitsi scheduled for Saturday, June 27, 2020 (1400-1500 IST). If you would like to give a demo or talk (maximum 20 minutes) on GNU Emacs or any variant, please contact Sakthi Kannan (“mbuf”) on Freenode (reachable in #ilugc channel) with your talk details: Topic Description Duration About Yourself The Jitsi URL for the session will be announced 30 minutes prior to the session on #emacs.