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Contributing to

You can contribute to website by writing Blog posts in MarkDown. These are the steps to follow to write Blog Post,

Before you clone your copy of website repo to your local machine, you need to install these required softwares,

  1. git
  2. hugo

Following commands will install Both requirements in Ubuntu 20.04

$ sudo apt install git hugo

Once you done installing the required packages, clone your copy of website repo like below (where foouser is your Github username)

$ git clone --recurse-submodules

Once clone completed, directory will be created, go inside directory and run Hugo,

$ hugo server

Hugo will run by default in http://localhost:1313 address, keep Hugo running and start adding your blog post under content/post/year/ inside directory. The filename of your blog post should end with .md extension. Hugo will automatically show your blog post through http://localhost:1313. Here is one example blog post, this blog post is saved as “content/post/2020/” under directory.

title: Example Blog Post
url: /example-blog-post
date: 2020-06-15T19:24:31+05:30
author: Foo

This is an Example Blog Post. The field **date** in the header is generated using `date -Iseconds` command.

Once you are satisfied with your blog post, commit your changes and push your changes into your own fork of website repo,

git add -A
git commit -m 'wrote my first blog post'
git push origin master

Finally create a pull request to upstream repo. People who maintain will look into your changes and merge your pull request.

Once your pull request merged, it will start appear in