Getting Started

GNU/Linux being the snowballing phenomenon it is, there are literally a billion sites on the web which have something to do with GNU/Linux in one way or the other (including this one). Consequently, drawing up a comprehensive collection of GNU/Linux links is a self-defeating exercise. Thus, the sites below are merely listed to get you, a new or potential GNU/Linux user, started.

Where it all started:

Where you should start:

News sites:


Which distribution should I use?

Graphical User Environments:

  • X.Org – X Window System
  • XFree86 – X Window System
  • GNOME – GNU Network Object Model Environment
  • KDE – K Desktop Environment
  • XFCE – Light weight Window Manager
  • and many more

What, no applications?

Few tamil open source and linux community

FOSS Organizations in India

Other ILUG’s

Apart from this, many colleges run their local Users Groups to support the FOSS activities of their students.