Getting Started

GNU/Linux being the snowballing phenomenon it is, there are literally a billion sites on the web which have something to do with GNU/Linux in one way or the other (including this one). Consequently, drawing up a comprehensive collection of GNU/Linux links is a self-defeating exercise. Thus, the sites below are merely listed to get you, a new or potential GNU/Linux user, started.

Where it all started:

Where you should start:

News sites:


Which distribution should I use?

Graphical User Environments:

  • X.Org – X Window System
  • XFree86 – X Window System
  • GNOME – GNU Network Object Model Environment
  • KDE – K Desktop Environment
  • XFCE – Light weight Window Manager
  • and many more

What, no applications?

FOSS Organizations in India

Other ILUG’s

Apart from this, many colleges run their local Users Groups to support the FOSS activities of their students.