ILUGC OFFLINE Meet - April 08, 2023

Hi all,

ILUGC social was completed a few minutes ago.

After long back seeing everyone in person gave a lot of energy and had a joyful time.

Here is what happened today in the offline meet.

Firstly each and every member were coming one by one.

Guhan came early to the spot and then Dhanasekar came sharply at 4 PM

Few minutes later Nihaal joined them, the three of them were discussing about the ongoing activities on ILUGC and how they reached the spot.

Then I reached the place greeted by three of them. Had our warm handshakes and intros. Since some of us never met in person.

Few minutes later gold ayan reached the spot then we started talking about usual FOSS and ILUGC events in general.

Since we had a diverse group of FOSS domains ( Developers, DevOps engineer, Kernel tweaker, Network engineer ). The topics were wide variety and we discussed a range of domains starting from linux and ended in Open Hardwares and self hosting.

After few minutes of discussion, we moved to a nearby cafe to have refreshments and a good vibed environment to sit and talk more comfortably. So we went to cafe society ( If you are a series fanboy like Gold Ayan and me l after hearing cafe society the first thing poped in our minds was F Society from Mr.Robot )

After reaching the cafe we spent few minutes in ordering the snacks and refreshments. Then we took some selfies.

Ilugc members

Then the topic discussion were branched a lot.

We started with Guhan info sharing session on ChatBOTs and Rasa framework.

It linked to Natural language processing, which fired LLHM ( sorry if i mispelled it gold Ayan)

Gold ayan tiuched few topics on neural networks and AI.

Meanwhile the ordered refreshments came and we were having them as we discuss.

Dhanasekar started a brainstorming session on what we can do in ILUGC in upcoming days. (That itself is another long mail will try to consolidate and share in a seperate thread)

We talked about the desktop environments and window managers we use and bragged about them for few minutes.

Ofcourse we cannot conduct a meet without The legendary debate of emacs vs vim. : )

So we did that

That touched lisp, lua and few more of that.

Then gold ayan shared a idea on open source IoT smart plug system which we planned that can be implemented in open hardware boards

Dhanasekar shared some info on the ebook world and things going on in the foss world of ebooks

Then we talked about self hosting options and backup solutions.

Suddenly we discussed hacking and security related exploits and tools.

Gold ayan shared about scrcpy, mossh and few more tools.

We shared few resources on the stuff we were tweaking.

I talked about simulations in automotive industry and the open source application I use OpenModelica

Again we came back to backup solutions and self hosting.

We requested nihaal to conduct a intro session on kernel related stuff and Guhan to give a demo on his ChatBOT topic soon in ILUGC meets.

Then everyone started to leave the coffee shop concluding the event.

Again we had some handshakes and everyone left with a smile in their face and boosting energy.

I can’t thank Dhanasekar in words for making this happen. But thank you very much for today.

Had a great Saturday with wonderful ILUGC meet.

He even paid for the refreshments too. Next time I insist on sharing. Thanks a lot

Again thanks a lot everyone who came today and brighten up the thoughts of FOSS. Hope you had a great time like me

For those who missed stay tuned to ILUGC mailing list we may conduct the next offline meet soon!