Contact Us

Best way to contact the ILUGC Member is through the ILUGC Mailing List. If you are not an member of ILUGC mailing list, then you can contact the co-ordinator for specific help.


Many of our ILUGC members are willing to share their knowledge with students community in the form of Short Technical Tutorial, FOSS Awareness Seminar, GNU/Linux Workshop, (C, C++, PHP, Python,..) Programming Workshop, Technical Talk, Project Idea Presentation, etc, in the College/School/Conference.

If you are interested to arrange this kind of FOSS Event in your place, then follow the below steps:

  • Talk to your department friends/students to know their interest.
  • Talk to your department staff members to know their interest and support.
  • Depending upon the interest, decide the topic/field.
  • Decide 2 or 3 alternative dates for this event.
  • Contact ILUGC:
    1. If you are an ILUGC mailing list member, then directly post the event details and request for the resource person in the list.
    2. If you are NOT an ILUGC mailing list member, then contact the Co-ordinator.

Resource Person (RP)

If you are planning to invite ILUGC RP for an events, then you should follow this general guidelines:

  • For local event on working day, inform atleast 2 weeks ahead to RP.
  • For local event, arrange pick-up and drop facility for RP
  • For out-station event, inform atleast 3 weeks ahead, give the contact details (Email, Phone[2], Address), arrange pick-up, drop and decent place for boarding/refreshing.
  • Give a brief idea about the audience level and their interest on the topic. If there is any specific requirement, please discuss with RP.
  • Don’t give fancy gift articles (like clock, pen-stand, night-lamp). Most of our members like books, you can get the RP wish-list and buy a book from that list.
  • Pay the Honorarium to RP.
  • Pay the RP travel expenses (if it is not taken care by organizer).
  • For more details, please discuss with the RP.