ILUGC Monthly Meet - July 11, 2020 - 3-6 pm

Indian Linux Users Group, Chennai [ ILUGC ] has been spreading awareness on Free/Open Source Software (F/OSS) in Chennai since January 1998.

We will be organizing this month’s meet through ILUGC’s Official IRC channel (#ilugc in

If Visual Presentation required, we will use (Link will be provided in #ilugc irc channel at the time of meet by the speaker who is willing to show visual content)

We usually meet on the second Saturday of every month, and for the month of July we shall meet through IRC on Saturday 11, 2020 at 1500 IST.

IRC Server:
Web IRC:
Channel: #ilugc

Simple Meeting Guidelines:

we encourage participants to follow these simple steps to conduct the meet effectively,

  1. Please watch what others are doing and do not interrupt
  2. If you have a question, type “?” and wait for your time to ask, the speaker who is conducting the talk will call your name to ask a question.
  3. If you need to speak, type “!” and wait for your time to speak.
  4. If you’re done speaking, type “eof”
  5. If you agree with someone, type “nickname: +1”, here nickname is who you are agreeing with.


Talk Details:

Talk 1:

Topic: Emacs Org Agenda and Super Agenda mode

Description: Emacs Org files help you to manage notes, maintain TODO lists, write documentation etc. In this talk and demo, we will explore the Org Agenda view and its commands, along with the Super Agenda mode of operation. We will use Jitsi video conferencing for the demo. References:

Duration: 45 minutes

Speaker: Shakthi Kannan

About Speaker: Shakthi Kannan is a Free Software enthusiast who blogs at

Talk 2:

Topic: Introduction to Tamil NLP using open-tamil python library

Description: Open-Tamil is a python library which can be used to build NLP applications for Tamil language. Let us explore the possibilities of the open-tamil library.


Duration: 60 minutes

Speaker: Shrinivasan T

About Speaker: Shrini is founder of and Topic: Contributing to LTP - Linux Test Project

After Talks:

QA & general discussions

All are welcome.