Monthly Meet May 12 2018

The next monthly meet is scheduled on Saturday, May 12th 2018 at 1600 IST.

Venue: Classroom No 1, Aerospace Engineering, Near Gajendra Circle, IIT Madras.

Link for the Map:

Talk schedule for the meet

Talk 1: Encryption using openSSH

  • Speaker : Nandagopal Devaraj(nandadevaraj91@xxxxxxxxx)
  • Description :

    1. OpenSSH
    2. OpenSSL
    3. Symmetric and Asymmetric encryption

    We using all these protocols everyday for Secure connections and data protection. A brief discussion about this protocols and working principals.

  • Duration : 45 min

  • About Speaker: Technical speaker,writer

Talk 2: Simplifying Ebooks Production/Publication for

  • Speaker : T Shrinivasan tshrinivasan@xxxxxxxxx Founder of
  • Description : With Latex, Markdown and Pandoc, we are trying to simplify the process of ebooks making.

    With Internet Archive API, Wordpress API and selenium we have automated publishing the ebooks to

    Will explore these and show demonstration of ebooks making and publishing.

  • Duration : 30-45 mins

Talk 3: Introduction to hadoop