Monthly Meet March 10 2018

The next monthly meet is scheduled on Saturday, March 10th 2018 at 1500 IST.

Venue: Classroom No 1, Aerospace Engineering, Near Gajendra Circle, IIT Madras.

Link for the Map:

Talk schedule for the meet

Talk 1: L A TEX for mathematicians and all others

  • Speaker: S. Parthasarathy
  • Description: L A TEX is a very powerful and versatile typesetting system, for high-quality publishing. It is used internationally, by a wide variety of users.

    It was originally conceived by Prof. Donald E Knuth, the greatest computer scientist of our times. L A TEX is available for free (gratis), on all, modern, Linux systems.

    This short lecture will present an overview of L A TEX with a special focus on creating mathematically-rich publications.

  • Duration : Approx. 90 minutes.

  • About Speaker: Parthasarathy is a retired teacher of discrete mathematics, and is based in Hyderabad. He is an experienced user of L A TEX and an aggressive promoter of FOSS. He is also a special editor of PracTex journal, the official journal of the TeX Users Group (TUG).

    All his L A TEX related publications are available under a CC-BY-SA license, at :

    Prof. Parthasarathy’s profile is available at:

Talk 2: How to create a sandhi checker for Tamil using python ?

Talk 3: brainstorm on building an organization for tamil computing

  • Speaker: T.Shrinivasan
  • Description: Discussion with all on why/how to start an organization for tamil computing. How free software can be a core value for it? What should be activities for it? What to learn from other free software based organizations?
  • Duration : 45 min