Meeting Minutes - sh - Posix Shell Session - Day 2 - July 07, 2020

After the lessons from yesterday, we were able to make sure no random messages in #ilugc channel during the session. Also, we encouraged participants to use Hexchat or Pidgin as personal irc clients apart from using freenode webchat. We also Shrini provided free shell account to users to remote access to one of his temporary aws server for practice. Here are the topics we covered in todays sessions.

  • what are manual pages, how to use man command to read them
  • importance of manual pages
  • what re manual section numbers like (1), (2) etc., what they represent
  • nine different sections of manuals
  • how to read manual page. Differnt parts of manual page
  • how to read SYNOPSIS
  • what is mean by short options
  • what is mean by long options
  • what is mean by optional arguments
  • what is mean by positional arguments
  • importance of SEE ALSO
  • why one should learn about manual pages to understand unix commands
  • introduction to compound commands
  • how to run multiple commands from a single line using ‘;’ seperator
  • how to logically execute two commands using ‘&&’
  • how to logically execute two commands using ‘||’
  • importance of returncode (or exitcode) of a command
  • how to use the returncode of a command to decide what to do next
  • true and false commands
  • Q & A

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