Meeting Minutes November 2017

VIM - Edit at the speed of thought

Sarath Srinivas gave an introduction to Vim. Vim is a powerful modal text editor based on vi. He explained the various key commands used for navigation and editing. He explained the concepts of verbs, modifiers and text objects in vim and demonstrated how they can be used to perform edits quickly.

He suggested a command-line tool called Vimtutor. Vimtutor is an interactive tutorial that teaches new users the basics of Vim.

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Wayland for dummies

Mohan explained the Wayland display protocol. Wayland is a modern display server protocol that aims to replace the X window system. He started by describing how various GUI programs communicate with the display server. He talked about the history of X display protocol and some of its shortcomings. He then discussed Wayland and its architecture.

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Introduction to HA Proxy

Gopinath gave an introduction to HA proxy. HA proxy is a highly available TCP/HTTP load balancer. He started by explaining proxy and reverse proxy concepts. He then shared his experience in setting up HA proxy servers at his workplace. He briefly compared using Nginx’s built-in load balancer with using a separate load balancer. He also added that HA proxy works well with the ELK stack.

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Thanks to all participants and speakers.