Meeting Minutes - ILUGC - November 2020 Meet (conducted on 21-11-2020)

Here is the summary of what happened on this month’s ILUGC meet


Mohan welcomed participants and started his session about systemd-nspawn, gave a brief gave a brief overview about how containers are created in Linux, what are the building blocks for container, how a good old chroot is one type of container etc.

He then explained how we can achieve a simple container through systemd-nspawn. How systemd-nspawn can act as both system container as well as application container, what is the difference between these two type of containers. How one can use system container to setup his own development environment to do development for Ubuntu on top of Arch.

Tip about Debian ISO

Vrajaraja started his talk about how he achieved making his Debian to use his ISO as a repository to install packages and reduced unnecessary network download. He also provided steps to mount the ISO properly before adding the ISO to Debian’s apt system.

After Talks

Since the main talks are completed within one hour, the floor was opened for participants to discuss freely about interesting topics, participants introduced them self and started discussing,

  1. We talked about how TeX and LaTeX is still relevant, how learning LaTeX is going to help even after another Fifty years, then discussed about how modern systems like Pandoc, Markdown etc., simplifying writing documentations, then discussed about how to convert between different file formats using docbook xml as base etc.
  2. Talked about the evolution of Haskell and different Functional languages like Ocaml, Clojure, lisp etc. How functional language features adapted by multi paradigm languages like Python, Java, Javascrpt etc.
  3. Then started discussion about C vs Rust, how Rust can be utilized to replace C to program in Linux Kernel. The benefits of using Rust etc. Then discussed about why C is still used in many embedded projects, the benefits of using C etc.

The after talks very much helped understand various technologies. we finally ended the meet after these discussions.