Meeting Minutes February 2018

It was a small gathering this time.

  • Magesh spoke about his recent experience trying to disable typographic ligatures on Xubuntu
  • Gautham spoke about his experience with Lubuntu and how it consumed less resources and made it possible to use his old hardware
  • Magesh addressed a question from the audience (from a IIT EEE faculty, I don’t remember his name, sorry) about VirtualBox and how it’s able to provide a way to transfer operating system between different hardware configurations.
  • It was followed by a question/discussion from the same person about if GPU can be made available within a virtual machine. Discussion touched upon the topic of integrated and dedicated GPU and how linux has some way to go to offer seamless GPU switching/support for end users.
  • Then a smaller group continued casual discussions at the canteen.

Thanks Akash/friends (Jaya Engg college) for sponsoring refreshments.