ILUGC Monthly Meet - July 09, 2022 - 3.00 PM IST


Indian Linux Users Group, Chennai [ ILUGC ] has been spreading awareness on Free/Open Source Software (F/OSS) in Chennai since January 1998.

We usually meet on the second Saturday of every month, and for the month of July, we shall meet through Jitsi on Saturday 09, 2022 at 1500 IST.

Talk Details

Talk 0

Topic: Hugo /

Description: Hugo is a opensource static website generator and is opensource Simple web publishing platform , in this demo static website is created using HUGO and hosted in and fixing custom domain name for the site.

Duration: app. 20 mins
Speaker Full Name: Dhanasekar T
About Speaker: working as Linux / AWS admin @ZHA

Talk 1

Topic: Introduction to GNU Guix

Description: An overview of what guix is, why it is there, and how it can be used.

Duration: 20-30min
Speaker Full Name: Raghav Gururajan (also known as RG)
About Speaker: Generally, a Free Thinker. Socioeconomically, a socialist.  Occupationally, a Bio-technologist turned Info-technologist. I have huge passion  towards free software movement and would like to support free software being adopted  and deployed in public sectors.

Talk 2

Topic: Demo on building an API from scratch using python and django in under an hour

Description: Django is an open source web framework for python. In this talk, I will demonstrate how to create an API from scratch using python and django. Also I will explain the basics of django and API before the demo.

Duration: 1 hour
Speaker Full Name: Parameshwar Arunachalam
About Speaker: Linux fanboy, working as a developer in an service based IT company.

After Talks

QA & General Discussions

All are welcome.