Free Tools Available

Here are a few free and open source software available for different use cases.

Category Free Tools Available
Graphical programming environment pothos, gnuradio, zaluum, noflo
Software to control telescope, microscope, spectroscope
Software to control drones firmwares = papparazzi, openpilot
Software to control cnc linux cnc
Distributed sharing and chatting application retroshare, gnunet
Distributed search engine yacy
Animation inkscape+synfig
Documentation latex, libreoffice
vector graphics inkscape+svg library
3d rendering blender+python scripts to acquire data from the real accelerometer, force sensors
cad freecad, kicad, geda
cam pycam
photography darktable, engangle, gimp
3d visualization visit, vtk libraries
generative art processing, open frameworks
antenna and communication system modeling softwares
numerical compting numpy, scipy, Octave, scilab
Versatile computing language Julia
Machine learning tools scikitlearn, Spy
control panel visualization widgets UX design HTML + CSS, gnome gtk
personal information/knowledge management mediawiki, trac, dokuwiki
personal publishing mediagoblin, mediacrush
mail client mailpie
physical computing environment arduino, energia
free gaming 0.A.D
Hardware arduino, beagle bone, laser saur, inventables, open build, rep rap, novena, paralella
FPGA Icarus verilog